The truth to the matter when it comes to selling either your property or your home to either a cash buyer or through the traditional way of using a real estate agent, is not entirely the idea of which process takes less time, the idea of shortchanging the cost to make repairs, or the fees and commissions that a broker takes.  Obviously, selling your home through a cash buyer would eliminate all that.  And although you sell your home to a cash buyer, there are still some costs that are not eliminated. 

House sellers need to bear the cost of real estate commissions.  It is required by the state or country that transfer taxes be paid for the sale of your home even if you sell it to a cash buyer.  You also look into the possibility that you will be asked to pay for the buyer's life insurance even if the person pays for your house in cash.  You should also be aware that a home seller is also responsible for paying property taxes at the time they sell their home.  If you want to negotiate with a cash buyer, you should keep these additional costs in mind. 

Everything is negotiable when it comes to real estate transactions including the cost of the seller that the buyer is willing to pay.  If you don't negotiate with your cash buyer, the sale can quickly lose its appeal if the buyer asks you to cover the thousands in additional costs.  This is why it is important which it will cost a seller even when he deals with a cash buyer. 

Sellers may not be aware of that there are times when selling my property fast as is cash buyers even charge the cost of appraisal and inspection.  You see, a smart home buyer offering to pay cash for your home will probably want to have not only an appraisal but a home inspection conducted, which can determine a home's market value.  This also includes that the appraiser is good at revealing potential costly problems which are hidden within a home.  

The appraisal and home inspection cost will sometimes be required of the seller by the cash buyer.  That is why it is common for home buyers and home sellers to enter into negotiations on who will pay for any needed repairs that were seen during the inspection.  You should be aware that you need to negotiate on who will paid for the inspection costs. Learn more about real estate at 


While it is true that when it comes to an all-cash home sales, it can close in under a week or even as soon as two days, this means that if you don't negotiate this you might end up paying rent to the local direct cash home buyers when it exceeds that duration.